Our projects

Modern Glass Greenhouse Complex

We are investing in a year-round modern greenhouse complex with an adapted and fully integrated automated climate control system, which is required for growing high-quality environmentally friendly products.

  • Microclimate control
  • Irrigation control
  • Energy resources control
  • Productivity and quality
  • Process management
  • Sales management

Microclimate control

The microclimate is the most important factor influencing the condition and healthy development of cultivated crops.

We achieve effective coordination of all microclimatic factors with the help of innovative computer programs. In a comprehensive approach, properly balanced temperature and humidity, CO2 content, and lighting in the greenhouse reduces the risks of various diseases. The innovative software not only reads the current state, but also forecasts and analyzes the external environment, identifying the crop requirements, and adjusting the microclimate for days, weeks, and even months ahead based on the data.

A precisely controlled microclimate improves product quality, lowers costs, and boosts productivity.

Irrigation control

Water is an essential resource for all living things.

The innovative program's modular structures allow for efficient use of water and fertilizers, lowering costs by up to 30% through drainage water recirculation. A well planned irrigation preparation strategy contributes to cost savings by ensuring maximum crop productivity and contributing to lower costs.

Energy resources management

A source of light, heat, and CO2 is a necessary energy resource for growing various crops.

A properly balanced light, heat, and CO2 ratio ensures high quality vegetables, vibrant color, and healthy plant growth.

Efficient accumulation and redistribution of energy resources via a modular structure of computer programs enables balanced management of complex multifunctional processes.

Productivity and quality

The complex's balanced climate has a wide range of effects on crop quality. Despite this, data collected by agronomists on the conduct of agricultural work, pest control and protection, clear observation and control of plant development, and so on, as well as the proper distribution of agricultural work among employees in accordance with production tasks, are important factors for the success of production processes.

Under these conditions, not only can productivity be increased, but also quality and healthy yields to meet consumer demands. The analysis of all of this data from the manufacturing processes enables us to predict and systematically improve the manufacturing process.

Process management

Well-structured information from various sources is clearly analyzed by the relevant departments in order to evaluate and optimize business processes in general, as well as to properly control income and expenses.

Sales management

Despite the company's short history, our products have been shipped to European countries, various regions of Russia and the United Arab Emirates. We chose a sales and marketing management system that allows us to promote our brand in a variety of markets.

The professional team of "Agro Art" LLC determines target customers, considers market segments using distribution channels, collects information on potential market participants, accurately plans sales, offers various packages of conditions for each channel, and stimulates distributors with various promotions.