About the Company

“AGRO ART” - art made in Azerbaijan

Founded in 2017, the agro-industrial complex "AGRO ART" LLC has achieved great success in the production of environmentally friendly crops by utilizing innovative methods and modern technologies.

The use of innovative methods and technologies allows for the reduction of technological costs and risks, the optimization of the use of high-quality nutrients and plant protection, the reduction of energy costs, and an increase in the volume of produced products.

The agro-industrial complex "AGRO ART" LLC specializes in the cultivation of nutritious and flavorful vegetables and fruits. More than 100 people successfully work in this area to fully meet the needs of both domestic and international customers.

The Production Process

A professional team makes every effort, using modern and innovative methods, to grow vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits in ideal conditions.

Microclimate control

The microclimate is the most important factor…

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Water is an essential resource for all living…

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Energy resources control

A necessary energy resource for growing various crops is...

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Productivity and quality

The complex's balanced climate has a wide range of effects on...

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Well-structured information from various sources is…

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Despite the company's short history, our products…

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